1.24m Elm mantle (Dark oak + wax) No.9


WOOCS 1.2.5

Hardwood elm mantle pieces hand made in Ireland.
1. Length 1240mm / 48¾“; Depth 190mm 7.5″; Thickness from 70mm to  / 2¾”  Colour – Dark oak + wax

1.Drill Sleeve Holes

Drill holes at each mark using a drill and 12mm masonry bit. Mark the drill bit with tape at the 3″ mark so you’ll know how deep to go.

2. Insert Sleeves

Insert lead sleeves into the holes. The sleeves are ridged and are designed to grab the masonry surface when lag screws are driven into them.

3.Install Mantel

Apply high-temperature silicone to the end of all sleeves. Lift the mantle into place and push firmly onto the lag bolts.

The safe distance to combustible materials above the stove is measured and this distance should be clearly stated in the handbook which came with your stove. It should also be referenced on the stove’s CE data plate.


Additional Information
Weight 20 kg