6.5kw “Dimplex”RILEY wood burner cassette with multi fuel kit (Display model) in Mullingar

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Riley brochure

Riley… a New Standard in Inset Stoves.

At Dimplex we’ve dedicated almost half a century to creating warm, cosy comfort for our customers. All of that experience has gone into the latest Dimplex Solid Fuel Stoves Collection, which has been designed in Ireland for optimal performance in Irish homes.


An open re is at best 30% efficient. The Riley is 77% meaning straight away your fuel goes much further – saving you €€€s.

Three-way Air Supply

• Primary – Feeds your re with necessary oxygen.
• Air Wash / Secondary air – Keeps the door glass clean and aids combustion.
• Tertiary Air/ Third air – Promotes an ‘extra’ burn that ensures great e ciency and cleaner air emissions.


The Riley comes with a ‘Cool Touch Handle’ for easier access to the rebox (glove also supplied).


Fire bricks play an important role in prolonging your stoves lifespan by protecting it from the extreme heat. We’ve added a feature whereby the bricks actually burn themselves clean, keeping your home tidy and saving you time.

With the lowest known emissions in the market, all our emissions results point to the Riley being quite possibly ‘the cleanest stove on the market’.

Innovative Design 10* 2 For sitting on a hearth we supply the three-way frame as standard.

Optional extras:
(a) a four-way frame and extra €150
(b) a Multi Fuel grate adaptor extra €55

Dimplex Riley

Dimplex Riley inset stove. Conceived at our research & development centre in Dunleer Co Louth and manufactured by Glen Dimplex New Zealand, the Riley inset stove provides 6.5kW of heat to your room. Its clean lines and sleek design are sure to be a popular choice to homeowners opting to ‘close off’ their open fireplace with a stylish unit that will enhance the look of any room.

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Cast steel
  • Warranty: 10 year manufacturer’s
  • Mount Type: Freestanding
  • Energy Efficient: Yes, 77% with solid fuel
  • Flue Pipe Size: 5in
  • Flue Outlet: 5in