6kw OREGON wood burner



Stove instruction

Wood burner stove.


Type of stove: Oregon
Options for cladding: White
Height of stove (mm): 1378
Width of stove (mm): 483
Depth of stove (mm): 465
Rear flue outlet axis height (mm): 1281
Stove nominal output (kW): 6
Controlled output (kW): 3-8
Heated space (m3): 60-160
Dry wood consumption at nominal output (kg): 1,9
Diameter (mm) /Connection of the flue outlet: 150Top/rear
Minimum draft of chimney (Pa): 12
Weight of stove  (kg): 100
Uninterrupted 24 hours operation: yes
Efficiency (%): 80
Multiple closing of doors: yes
Connection to external air supply: yes
Washing of glass: yes
System of triple air supply: yes
Length of logs (cm): 28

Warranty: 2 years

Additional Information
Weight 100 kg