900g SILCADUR-HFS adhesive


WOOCS 1.2.5




SILCADUR-HFS adhesive is used as bonding material for SILCA® 250KM boards. The adhesive is provided ready-to-use in buckets or tubular bags and can be applied directly after stirring or kneading. For further details regarding handling, storage etc. please pay attention to our bonding instructions on the corresponding packaging of the boards.

Silcadur – HFS Adhesive


Classification temperature:950 °C

Package size: Bag 900 g

Frost-free storage in closed package:18 months

Working temperature:10 – 25 °C

» Premixed, apply using a trowel, scraper or similar suitable method to be applied evenly on face that is being applied to wall.

» Before applying the adhesive the boards need to be moistened with water using a sponge or other suitable method. It is recommended that additional suitable non-corrosive wall fastenings are also used to secure the board to the wall.

» A high-quality adhesive mortar which is ready for use after mixing with clean water to bond Silca 250KM insulation boards together.

» The surface of the board should be treated with primer before applying the adhesive/glue, the boards are then secured together using non-corrosive dry wall large thread screws.

» This adhesive is used for glueing Silca 250KM insulation boards onto any non-combustible or combustible flat smooth wall or to bond boards together when used to protect an adjacent wall/ceiling

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