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SILCACON adhesive

SILCACON adhesive is a high-quality adhesive mortar which is ready for use after mixing with water and hardens hydraulically. It is a pre-mixed hydraulically setting dry mortar with cement according to DIN 1164 and with high-quality filler additives which has to be mixed with clean water. It serves to bond SILCA® 250KM insulation boards applied in the exterior (cold) construction of fireplaces and tiled stoves.

Please make sure that SILCACON adhesive is never applied for the installation of SILCA® 250KM insulation boards in the interior stove. In order to obtain the required fire and heat protection of the protective wall from inside our SILCADUR HFS adhesive which is technically approved has to be applied in the interior stove.

SILCACON adhesive is also applicable to any mineral material for wall construction and grounds suitable for plaster, e. g. brickwork of materials with hydraulically hardened binders according to DIN 1164, DIN 1060, DIN 4211 as well as brickwork of natural materials which are standardised or approved by the construction supervising board according to DIN 1053 (e.g. porous concrete, common bricks and lime sand brick).

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