10kw “Kartki” ANTEK wood burner insert (Display model) in Ashbourne & Mullingar

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Top and bottom vents required!
Installation manual

Additional options:
External air supply kit  – price €150
Frame available – price €100

Technical data

Nominal power (kW)10.0
Range of heating power (kW)6.0 – 13.0
Thermal efficiency (%)62.0
Exhaust outlet diameter (mm)180
Meets the ECODESIGN criteriaNo.
Intended for recuperationNo.
Fuel typerecommended seasoned hardwood with humidity ≤20%
Weight (kg)91.0
CO emissions (at 13% O 2) ≤ given in%0.61
Flue gas temperature (℃)352.0
Max log length (cm)33
Pollen emissions (dust) (mg / Nm 3 )99.7
Compliance with BImSchV 2 standardNo.
The energy efficiencyindexEEI81.91
The minimum active field of outlet grilles (cm 2 )≥700
The minimum active field of inlet grilles (cm 2 )≥500
The type of glazing issimple
Opening the doorto the left
Material made ofcast iron
Width (cm)60.00
Height (cm)62.20
Depth (cm)33.40
Air intakeNo.
Combustion chamber liningNo.
Decorative glass paneNo.



Maximum heat utilization thanks to the densely spaced heat sinks and furnace walls made of high-quality 8 mm thick cast iron.

Burning fuel particles thanks to a deflector that extends the exhaust path.

Increased work efficiency of the insert through manual regulation of the chimney draft using the built-in damper.

Manual control over the combustion process carried out by the ash pan shift.



The classic front of the insert is equipped with heat-resistant ceramics that withstands temperatures up to 660 ° C.

A decorative fence makes it easier to keep clean and protects against falling out of wood.


The cold door handle system reduces the risk of burns due to the possibility of removing it while smoking.

Drawer / ash container in which remains of burnt wood accumulate and a movable grate to facilitate ash removal.

Reduction of soot due to the clean windshield system (air deflector).

5 years warranty.

Technical drawing

Additional Information
Weight 94 kg