10w “Kartki” NADIA lift up glass, wood burner insert (Display model)

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Top and bottom vents required!

Installation manual

Additional options:
External air supply kit  – price €100

Technical data

Nominal power (kW)10.0
Range of heating power (kW)5.0 – 12.5
Thermal efficiency (%)80.0
Exhaust outlet diameter (mm)200
Meets the ECODESIGN criteriaYes
Intended for recuperationYes
Fuel typerecommended seasoned hardwood with humidity ≤20%
Weight (kg)219.0
CO emissions (at 13% O 2) ≤ given in%0.10
Flue gas temperature (℃)255.0
Max log length (cm)35
Pollen emissions (dust) (mg / Nm 3 )32.0
Compliance with BImSchV 2 standardYes
The energy efficiencyindexEEI105.40
The minimum active field of outlet grilles (cm 2 )≥900
The minimum active field of inlet grilles (cm 2 )≥700
The type of glazing issimple
Opening the doorup
Material made ofsteel
Width (cm)86.70
Height (cm)130.70
Depth (cm)47.80
Air intakeYes
Combustion chamber liningYes
Decorative glass typeYes



The body and front of the insert are resistant to high temperatures due to the material used – high-grade steel.

Efficient combustion and longer temperature maintenance thanks to the lining of the TERMOTEC combustion chamber – a heat-accumulating material that increases the temperature in the chamber.

Combustion of fuel particles thanks to a deflector that extends the exhaust path.

Air supply only from the outside thanks to the built-in air intake fi 125 mm. Adjusting the air intake with a single regulator, which excludes errors in misuse.

Triple combustion chamber ventilation system: primary air – directed to the plate on which the combustion takes place; secondary air is supplied through the holes in the rear wall. In addition, the insert uses a clean glass system (air curtain).

Purity of combustion thanks to the hexagonal furnace chamber


Excellent tightness thanks to solid welds made in a noble gas shield.

Steel elements are laser cut using modern equipment and then bent on CNC bending machines.

The front of the insert is equipped with a heat-resistant glass that withstands temperatures up to 660 ° C.


The device meets the Ecodesign requirements and the BImSchV 2 standard determining the maximum CO emission.


Grate-free insert – afterburning on ash, which means that the fuel burns to fine ash, which remains the minimum amount. The thermal energy obtained from wood is maximally utilized.

Reduction of soot due to the clean windshield system (air deflector).

Double door opening system (LIFT-UP) and sideways. Raised and lowered doors make it easier to load wood and the side opening mechanism allows for more efficient cleaning of the glass.

Can be used in various assembly conditions thanks to the adjustable feet and movable exhaust outlet with 360 ° adjustment.


Decorative glass pane withstands temperatures up to 660 ° C, which gives the fireplace a modern and elegant look, optically enlarges the front of the insert.

The insert door has a modern sliding handle.

Technical drawing

Additional Information
Weight 134 kg