14kw ARKE cassette

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External air available for an extra €150

Technical data

Power (kW)14.0
Range of heating power (kW)7.0 – 17.5
Thermal Efficiency (%)76.0
Diameter of the pipe (mm)200
Designed for recoverynot
Fuelallowed lignite briquettes, recommended seasoned hardwood
Weight (kg)154.0
CO (with 13% O 2) given in% ≤0.10
Exhaust temperature (℃)325.0
Max log length (cm)50
Compliance BlmSchV 2Yes
Minimum required area open outlet grille (cm 2 )≥900
Minimum required area active inlet grilles (cm 2 )≥700
Type of glazingSimple
Opening the doorto the left
Width (cm)102.00
Height (cm)62.00
Depth (cm)47.00
Air intake yes
The liner of the combustion chamberYes
Decorative glass type glassYes
Inlet diameter (mm)125
Fan capacity (m3 / h)372
Power consumption (W)56
Supply (V)230
Noise (dB)39


ARKE cassette fireplace hearth is a kind of closed, mounted to existing open hearths. Its simple and elegant design goes hand in hand with very good thermal parameters. It has a system of pure glass, which, together with a separate container for collecting ash in it, helps to keep the device in order.



Efficient combustion and longer maintaining the temperature occurs by lining the combustion chamber Acumotte, the heat accumulating material which raises the temperature in the furnace.

Afterburning of fuel particles through the deflector, which extends the exhaust gas path. This process also increases combustion efficiency and ensure better use of energy, and thereby minimizes the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

The cassette is provided with a turbine, located under the combustion chamber. The device has three step adjustment of the fans. Depending on the selection of one of them:

0 position – the turbine are activated automatically and run at a reduced speed, after reaching the temperature sensor 50 ° C. (The sensor is located below the ash in front of the machine)

Item 1 – turbine continuously running at reduced speed independently from the cassette,

Item 2 – turbines operate continuously at full speed independently from the cassette.

Turbines are responsible for circulating the air in the device so that heat is dissipated more efficiently to the environment.

Adjusting the air, so. The air curtain is held by a mechanism installed on the door of the furnace. Opening mechanism allows the air supply to the pad in an upper portion thereof, and in which the post-combustion of gases produced by the combustion of wood, which reduces harmful emissions to the atmosphere. The air directed to the steering wheel “sweeps” the glass causing the postponement of fire and smoke, which significantly reduces the deposition of soot on it so that it remains clean.



Front cartridge fitted with a ceramic refractory to withstand temperatures up to 800 ° C. We offered by our glass certified quality and safety.

The cartridge body and a front sensitive to high temperature by using high-grade steel.

Excellent tightness, thanks to the solid spawom made shielded noble gas. The steel elements cut by laser using modern devices, and then bent at bending machines CNC.



Keeping clean the cartridge is made easier with grid for and installed as the container for collecting ash.

Further reduced the deposition of soot followed especially effective pure glass. The air curtain separates from the glass furnace. So it does not get dirty and gives more heat to the room.



It is equipped with a single, decorative glass type of glass, through which looks elegant and modern. This solution optically expands the front and highlights the contribution of a vision of fire.

The doors are equipped with cartridge with a comfortable handle.



Technical drawing

Additional Information
Weight 154 kg