8,2kw “EDILKAMIN” EVIA pellet stove (Display model)

3,245.00 2,596.00 inc. VAT



Kit Wi-Fi H (AppFire) €315
H GSM telephone switcher €315
Smoke outlet 8cm rear, male (optional kit) €59
Pellet level sensor €55


The smart pellet stove with a double door.

• Cast iron combustion chamber
• Leonardo system
• Smoke outlet Ø 8 cm: upper, female – rear , male (optional kit)
• Daily/weekly program
• Remote control

Double door
• Cast iron combustion chamber door
• All-glass external door with stylish design

Black glass front, matt white steel sides:
• Opaque white steel
• Bronze steel
• Black steel

• Kit Wi-Fi extra €300
• GSM, allows for switching the stove on/off via mobile phone

Technical data min/max
width cm 56
depth cm 57
height cm 113
useful output kW 2,4/8,2
efficiency % 91,5
fuel consumption (pellet) kg/h 0,5/1,9
tank capacity kg 16
autonomy h 8/32
Ø combustion product outlet cm 8
Ø external air intake cm 4
total weight kg 150
vol. that can be heated 215


The devices are designed to produce hot air by automatically burning wood pellets.All phases are controlled by the electronic controller’s software, which guarantee’s high efficiency and low emissions in total safety.

The hot air is delivered to the room in which the device is installed via a grille on the front of the stove and, if so desired, may be sent to adjacent rooms via pipes.

The device can be controlled with a remote control, and remote ignition devices can also be hooked up to it.



For the scheme specific to your model, refer to the technical data sheet enclosed with the product.

1 = pellet hopper with top loading hatch

2 = screw for conveying the pellets from the hopper to the combustion chamber

3 = screw gearmotor

4 = pellet combustion hearth

5 = electric heating element for igniting the pellet

6 = centrifugal fan for extracting the combustion fumes

7 = fumes outlet port for connection to flue

8 = synoptic panel for controlling/monitoring the device’s operation

9 = combustion air intake port

10 = heat exchanger tubes for producing hot air

11 = grille for delivering the hot air to the room

12 = ports for delivering hot air to adjacent rooms

13 = hot air fan


Additional Information
Weight 150 kg