Heat exchanger 30 plates

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Brazed plate heat exchangers are flow and countercurrent devices. The heat exchange surface is formed by corrugated stainless steel plates joined in a packet using copper or nickel solder. The flow of heat exchange fluids is directed to every second channel created by heating plates. The heat exchangers are made entirely of stainless steel as a non-dismantling construction. The tightness of the structure and permanent bonding of the plates ensures the soldering process in a vacuum furnace. Special profiling of the heating plates ensures high turbulence flow. It enables very effective heat exchange and prevents accumulation of dirt inside the exchanger.


The choice of plate heat exchanger depends on the power of the fireplace insert that has been selected.
The 30 plate heat exchanger can be used for fireplace inserts with a power of 22 to 30 kW.



– High heat transfer coefficient

– Small size with high thermal power

– High resistance to pressure and temperature changes

– Changing the number of discs and channel layout allows you to customize the device to the individual needs of the recipient

– Simple assembly and disassembly.


– Plates and connections: stainless steel

– Soldering: copper and nickel.


– Central heating

– Hot water heating

– Solar and geothermal heating systems

– Heat exchange in industrial processes

– Condensers and evaporators in heat pumps

– Industrial cooling installations (oil coolers)

– Refrigeration.

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