30kw “Kratki” AMELIA deco boiler, wood burner (Display model)

1,880.00 1,316.40 inc. VAT


Top and bottom vents required!

Installation manual

Power rating (kW) 28
Range of power rating (kW) 13 – 35
The average power of the water (kW) 24
Diameter (mm) 220
Efficiency (%) ~ 75
CO emmision (per 13% O2) ≤ 0.3
Dust emmison* 105
Temperature (°C) 300
Working pressure (bar) 2
Weight (Kilo) 200
Capacity of water (l) 60
Length of wood (mm) 500
Fuel Seasonal hardwood (humidity max 20%), brown coal briquettes
Material Grey cast iron class 200, 4 mm boiler steel

* mg/mn3
** depends from the insulation of the building

Coil pipe Amelia Deco comes with a coil pipe build in the fireplace.

Additional options:

External air inlet External air inlet – special connector mounted in fireplace insert, which supplies the fresh air to the insert directly from outside. It comes in a kit with 2 adapters, damper, 1m ø100 pipe and a vent –5pcs kit price €150

Frame – price €150

Additional Information
Weight 200 kg