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Stove instruction

Wood burner stove.

They meet the strictest German and Austrian standards.

They are designed for low energy houses with transporting combustion air from outside the building.

Possibility to use the top and rear outlet for the flue.


Type of stove: Atrium
Options for cladding: Metal plate 
Height of stove (mm): 1214
Width of stove (mm): 626
Depth of stove (mm): 502
Rear flue outlet axis height (mm): 1059
Stove nominal output (kW): 7
Controlled output (kW): 3,5-9
Heated space (m3): 70-180
Dry wood consumption at nominal output (kg): 2,3
Diameter (mm) /Connection of the flue outlet: 150Top/rear
Minimum draft of chimney (Pa): 12
Weight of stove  (kg): 149
Uninterrupted 24 hours operation: yes
Efficiency (%): 78
Multiple closing of doors: yes
Connection to external air supply: yes
Washing of glass: yes
System of triple air supply: no
Length of logs (cm): 40

Warranty: 2 years

Additional Information
Weight 149 kg