8kw “ABX”ARKTIS ROTATING wood burner in Ashbourne

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Stove instruction

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Wood burning stove.

The advantage of these stoves is the possibility of turning the stove body in a range up to 104 °. The flame can be traced from a place that you choose. The stove is equipped with a three-incineration. It is also possible in these stoves to heat than wood and wood briquettes and brown coal briquettes.


Type of stove: Arktis rotating
Options for cladding: Metal plate greyCreamstone



Height of stove (mm): 1203
Width of stove (mm): 650
Depth of stove (mm): 513
Stove nominal output (kW): 8
Controlled output (kW): 4-10
Heated space (m3): 80-200
Dry wood consumption at nominal output (kg): 2,6
Diameter (mm) /Connection of the flue outlet: 150top
Minimum draft of chimney (Pa): 12
Weight of stove  (kg): 173
Uninterrupted 24 hours operation: yes
Efficiency (%): 79
Multiple closing of doors: yes
Connection to triple air supply: yes
Washing of glass: yes
Length of logs (cm): 40

Warranty: 2 years

Additional Information
Weight 173 kg