8kw “Kratki” Koza AB S wood burner (Display model) in Mullingar shop

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Technical drawing


Technical data

Nominal power (kW)8.0
Range of heating power (kW)5.5 – 10.5
Thermal efficiency (%)78.0
Diameter of the pipe (mm)150
Designed for recoverynot
Fuelallowed lignite briquettes recommended seasoned hardwood
Weight (kg)145.0
CO (with 13% O 2) given in% ≤0.08
Flue gas temperature (℃)275.0
Max log length (cm)25
The issue of pollen (dust) (mg / Nm 3 )39.0
Compliance BlmSchV 2Yes
Type of glazingsemicircular
Opening the doorto the left
Materialsteel, cast iron
Width (cm)52.80
Height (cm)105.20
Depth (cm)41.00
Intake airYes
The liner of the combustion chamberYes
Decorative glass type glassnot
ASDP – automatic control of air supplynot
Turbine Turbofannot
Panel WaterNot



Maximum use of heat thanks to components made of cast iron: top panel, door and grate. The combustion chamber and the body of the furnace, steel designed to work at higher temperatures.

Post combustion of fuel particles with two deflector shields (steel and Acumotte), which increases the exhaust gas path.

Triple system dopowietrzenia combustion chamber: the primary air – supplied under the grate; secondary air is supplied holes in the back wall. In addition, in the cartridge system is used pure glass (air curtain).

Efficient combustion and longer keeping, by lining the combustion chamber Acumotte – heat accumulating material which raises the temperature in the chamber.

Built-in intake air from the outside fi 100, which provides a supply of fresh air into the furnace from the outside, resulting in better combustion and more comfortable to use.



Front cartridge provided with a refractory ceramic is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 800 ° C.



Effective combination of steel and cast iron.

Elegant and comfortable handle.

The chamber beneath the firebox equipped with a mechanism push to open – open by pressure.

Enhanced the beauty of the fire through the curved glass.

5 year warranty.

Additional Information
Weight 145 kg