Aspect Premium ST XL

6,999.00 inc. VAT

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Aspect Premium ST XL Gas Fire



The Aspect Premium ST XL is a wide see-through gas fire with the unique Step Burner®. This see-through fireplace can be built in in such a way that you’ll have an excellent view from anywhere in the room.

When you decide on the Faber Aspect ST XL, there are a lot of different options, e.g. the decorative set can be a combination of logs and kindling, grey grit stone or the modern white Carrara pebbles. Furthermore, there are plenty of build-in options, because the outlet is mounted on the side in relation to the glass. For example, you can make an open space above the fireplace. The fact that this fireplace is frameless and can be built in, offers you virtually unlimited architectural possibilities. The Aspect Premium ST is available in 2 sizes.


  • – Built-in fire
  • – Choice of logs, white pebbles or grey stones
  • – Interior end-panel options: black-painted steel or black mirror glass
  • – Available in natural gas or LPG
  • – Heat input: 12.7kW
  • – Heat output: 8.9kW
  • – Balanced flue in 200/130mm size
  • – Sequential remote control