Concept I-450

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Concept I-450 Gas Fire



Customers abroad and in The Netherlands increasingly ask for an affordable concept. A concept that offers a fixed solution for everything, the platform, the chimney and of course the fireplace. Faber started with two concepts with such an arrangement. These concepts are constructed in such a way that one can place them against a wooden back wall without any risk. Of course the air passage through the deck grille must be completely free. These concepts have a basic suspension panel to hang up the mantelpiece. A template is included in the packaging to accurately mark the drill holes. In other words, when both the gas connection and the hole for the wall duct are present, installing the fireplace is done in a very short time. The finish of the mantelpiece is standard unpainted in aludip. This serves as a good base for applying latex or decorative plaster. You can even use fibreglass wall covering. The concepts are supplied in The Netherlands with a standard Multivent Pro® connecting kit for the wall duct. This high-quality stainless steel connecting kit comes with a standard telescopic pipe for maximum ease of installation.

To launch the concept series, Faber presents the following concepts:

A compact fireplace with modern, sober lines.

Minimalism at its best.

Based in the updated Fyn 450, the customer purchases a beautiful piece of design for a very competitive price!

Height 2031 x Width 586 x Depth 335 mm