Hestia / Wirdum 670



Hestia / Wirdum 670 Gas Fire



The Faber Hestia is a built-in fireplace with a modern design. The frameless casing provides a breath-taking fire effect.

In combination with the fire surround Wirdum 670 and the nostalgic possibilities of a fireback, you create a classic and timeless setting.

Its capacity depends on which burner you choose. The capacity is (kW): 5.3 with a Log Burner® and 6.2 with a Flat Burner®.


  • – Built-in fire
  • – Available with either the Faber Log Burner® or the Faber Flat Burner® with logs
  • – Interior options: black-painted steel and nostalgic brick lining, either with or without a fireback
  • – Available in natural gas or LPG (LPG available with Log Burner® only)
  • – Heat input: (log burner) 7.5kW, (flat burner) 8.8kW
  • – Heat output: (log burner) 5.3kW, (flat burner) 6.2kW
  • – Balanced flue in 150/100mm size
  • – Sequential remote control