South Grey (Price per 1220x610mm sheet)

29.51 inc. VAT

Available in 5 colours. Sheet size 1220x610mm

Can’t be used around heat appliances/stoves.

*Office & home interior
*Cabinet doors & furnitures
*Table tops & reception desks
*Walls & ceilings
*Ships, air craft, vehicles & yacht interior
*Trade Show Exhibits
*Highly flexible
*Weather proof
*Various patterns
*Scratch free
*Easy to clean
This product gives you freedom to do it your self as this has to stick with glue only.
Stone Veneer is produced by taking thin layers of natural stone that have been split from the surface of a large slab. These thin layers are then fused onto a flexible fibre glass backing using special innovative technology to create the final product.

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Weight 1 kg